Zero Configuration


You can simply create a .docksal folder in your project root and run fin project start (fin start for short). The default stack ($HOME/.docksal/stacks/stack-default.yml) will be loaded and used to create containers in this case.

This is a great way to start developing a new project. This approach can also be used on a permanent basis, if your needs are simple. stack-default.yml extends the configuration from services.yml, so you’ll be getting the latest stack versions with every Docksal update.

Zero-configuration Stacks

You can switch between pre-created zero-configuration stacks by adding the following line to your docksal.env file and running fin project reset.


The following stacks are available:

  • default - web, db, cli (assumed, when none specified)
  • acquia - web, db, cli, varnish, memcached, solr (used specifically for Acquia hosted projects)
  • node - cli